Getting Your Vehicle In Shape Before Taking A Road Trip

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Planning a road trip involves everything from deciding where to go to figuring out how much gas money you are going to need, but few people think about how to get their vehicle in shape before leaving; keep reading to learn more about how to do this. 1. Get an oil change: If your car has not had an oil change in awhile, Progressive car insurance quote, it is a good idea to get one before leaving on a road trip. Even if you are a few hundred miles from needing the oil changed, it is a good idea to get it done before leaving. 2. Check the air in the tires: A low tire can be easily brought back up to standards, but ignoring it could lead to a blowout on the highway. Keep yourself, your family, and your car safe by checking your tires before leaving for a road trip. 3. Clean out your vehicle: Starting a road trip with a messy car is a bad idea, particularly if you have children. Instead of leaving a mess in the car at the start of a road trip, take the time to clean it out; you will make more messes as you travel, so start out with things looking tidy.

How To Plan For A Road Trip

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Planning a road trip is almost as fun as the actual excursion, and the whole family can give input for the road trip plans; learn more about planning a short or long road with your family right here.

Families who want to go on long road trips will want to map out their route beforehand. Whether it is your intention to drive the entire length a famous highway, take the back roads to a major tourist destination, or simply to drive to the next state Read the rest of this entry »

The Benefits Of Taking A Road Trip For Your Honeymoon

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The Benefits Of Taking A Road Trip For Your Honeymoon

The Open Road
The open road provides a sense of diversity, spontaneity and adventure unlike any other travel experience. This is why taking a road trip for your honeymoon offers so many truly unforgettable possibilities. In addition, the open road provides a true sense of bonding and connection between 2 people. The open road provides many unique situations for you and your companion. In fact, you can split the commute with an assortment of Read the rest of this entry »

Taking A Road Trip Through The State Of Alaska

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Those in search of a truly unique adventure frequently choose to take a road trip through the state of Alaska. Although most of the state isn’t even on the road system, there are still thousands of miles of well-kept roads that are waiting to be explored. The trip between Anchorage and Fairbanks is a particularly enthralling one and can be done during the course of a day. However, spending spending two or three days on the trip is recommended for an optimal experience. If you have Read the rest of this entry »

How To Avoid Becoming Overly Tired On Long Road Trips

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Long road trips can be exciting, but they can be tiring as well. Some tips and activities can help you avoid becoming overly tired when you go on a long road trip.

Plan some activities to take along for the ride to prevent boredom. Passing the time with entertaining books or magazines can make the time go faster. The passenger can read the books aloud to help keep the driver awake and alert. Another activity can include asking trivia questions about your destination. The Read the rest of this entry »

A Road Trip Guide To Oregon’s Highway 101

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Highway 101 winds it way between the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and the shores of the beautiful Oregon coast, creating the perfect oceanside adventure. Starting at the southern Oregon border, here is a short list of fun spots to stop along your Oregon Highway 101 road trip.

Visit Cape Blanco, the westernmost point of the state, a piece of land that juts out a mile and a half into the ocean, where the wind gusts wildly Read the rest of this entry »

Why You Should Go On A Road Trip This Summer

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Road trips are a fun way to travel to exciting destinations. It is more convenient to drive because you don’t have to worry about your flights being delayed or other airport problems. It is usually less expensive to drive than to fly, and any damage to your goods is better covered by someone like progressive Car Insurance as opposed to the grumpy airline companies. You can rent a car to take a road trip if you have an older vehicle. Rental car companies offer great weekend deals for people who want to get away on a short trip. The best way to find a good deal on a rental car is to visit travel websites. If you see a good deal, call to verify the terms.

There are hundreds of state and national parks where you can take a family road trip without spending a lot of money. These parks offer a variety of activities such as boating, hiking and swimming. You can also camp out for a low fee. They offer campsites for RV trailers and tents. Everything you need such as electricity and water is available at these parks. Research the state and national parks that are located close to where you live. Make sure you read the park’s rules and regulations regarding camping. If you drive your own vehicle, make sure you get it checked out before your trip.